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Transitioning from military to civilian employment?

Military professionals face unique challenges when transitioning to a civilian career. Not only have many never written a resume before, but they are stuck trying to describe jobs and skillsets not well understood by most civilians.

Your military career and training has helped you to build and develop a wide range of skill sets and valuable experience, but properly communicating this can be difficult.

Trust your resume to Canada’s first Certified Resume Specialist in Military-to-Civilian Transitions

Virtual Resumes is uniquely aware of the needs of transitioning military professionals, and highly qualified to assist you. Our writers are human resources specialists from the civilian world. Our owner is not only Canada’s first and only Certified Resume Specialist – Military to Civilian Transitions, she is a military spouse, and well accustomed to the lifestyle.

Contact us today and let one of our experienced writers help you identify the unique set of skills and qualifications your military career has helped you acquire. Together, we will craft an interview-winning resume by converting your military history, including job titles, deployments, and experience, into civilian terminology, while showcasing your most relevant transferable skills and achievements.

Our Military-to-Civilian Transition Services are priced at an approximately 15% discount when compared to our professional resume services for similar years of experience or skill set. You are receiving the same professional, high quality service, at a reduced price as our way of recognizing and thanking you for your service.

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